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What is the History of the Local's Scholarship Fund?

The leadership of the local recognized a need within our firefighting family in 2002. As our members' children reached college age, the leadership looked for a way to give back to its members. With the cost of post-secondary education rising rapidly, the leadership wanted to help offset the costs of college for our members’ children. The leadership moved to deduct a nominal amount ($1.00) each month from all union members pay. The union body voted on and approved the creation of a scholarship fund and annual essay contest in September 2002. The contest awards a $1,000 scholarship to the winner. Additional scholarships are awarded each year based upon the income collected that calendar year.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

The annual essay contest is open to all dependents of active and active retired members of Local 1230 as defined by IRS regulations. Each active and active retiree may also sponsor one graduating high school student per year who resides within the jurisdictional boundaries of Local 1230.

Why is it called the Lou Paulson Scholarship Essay Contest?

The scholarship fund’s essay contest was renamed for former Local 1230 President Lou Paulson. Lou served as the President of Local 1230 from 1995-2004. Lou also served as a member of the Safety Committee, Executive Board Representative, and Secretary-Treasurer before becoming the Local’s President. Since leaving as Local 1230 President, Lou has become the President of the California Professional Firefighters (CPF). Due to Mr. Paulson’s dedication to the members of Local 1230 and continued activities in support of union firefighters throughout the state, the annual contest to award scholarships from the scholarship fund has been renamed the Lou Paulson Scholarship Essay Contest.

How are the Winners Chosen?

Annually a topic is chosen by the Charity Oversight Committee and announced 90 days prior to the submission deadline. After the deadline, the Local’s Election Committee will process all essays. The Election Committee will remove all names and distinguishing identification. The anonymous essays will be copied and forwarded to the Charity Oversight Committee. The Election Committee will retain the original essays until the final award is announced. The Charity Oversight Committee will evaluate all essays for overall content and choose a winning essay. The winning essay will be published on the Local’s website. All other approved essays will be placed in a ballot box. A member of the Election Committee will blindly retrieve additional essays for the remaining awards to be given that year.