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El Cerrito Fire Department

The Fire Department’s primary responsibility is to provide a full range of fire prevention, fire suppression, and advanced emergency services. In order to reduce the impact of fire-related losses in our community and to render timely and appropriate advanced medical aid to the sick and injured, the Fire Department’s number one goal is to keep the residents of El Cerrito and Kensington as safe as possible while developing and maintaining cost-effective programs that serve our communities.
Fire truck win station

Our Mission

  • Reducing the loss of life and property while safeguarding the environment by effectively responding to fire, rescue, and medical emergencies; hazardous material incidents; and major disasters.
  • Helping members of the community reduce the frequency and severity of these emergencies by providing public education programs.
  • Reducing threats to public safety by enforcing laws, codes, and ordinances covering fire and life safety, and by abating identified fire hazards on City, private, and other agencies’ property.
  • Maintaining personnel, apparatus, equipment, and facilities in a constantly ready condition.
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