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Flood Preparedness

Flooding poses a serious risk to life, property and public health and safety and could cripple the state’s economy. Substantially populated counties with vulnerable populations are in flood-prone areas of southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Delta region and the Central Valley. In addition, many urban and rural areas are not protected by levees and are subject to recurring, seasonal flooding by local rivers or streams.

Winter storms in California can be deadly, causing flooding, flash floods, high coastal surf, mudslides, snowstorms and avalanches. Here’s a list of tips to follow during the different stages of a flood as it upgrades in severity from watch to warning.

Winter Weather & Flood Preparedness Brochure

When a flood WATCH is issued:

Move valuable household possessions to the upper floors of your home. Fill your car’s gas tank in the event an evacuation order is issued.

When a flood WARNING is issued:

Tune in for information and advice to local radio and TV stations. When told to evacuate, do so as quickly as possible.

When a flash flood WATCH is issued:

Watch for signs of flash flooding and be ready to evacuate on a moment's notice.

When a flash flood WARNING is issued:

If you believe flash flooding has begun, evacuate immediately as you may have only seconds to escape. Move to higher ground and away from rivers, streams, creeks and storm drains. Do not drive around barricades. These are placed to keep you out of harm's way. If your car stalls in rapidly rising waters, abandon it immediately and climb to higher ground.

Wherever you live or travel, you should be aware of the dangers of winter storms and be prepared to cope with one. For more information on the history of flooding in your area, and how you and your family can prepare for winter, call your city or county Office of Emergency Services, or the nearest office of the National Weather Service.

Sandbag Locations Throught Contra Costa County

1201 W 4th St – Maintenance Center
Limit 20 - Cost: $1 - DO IT YOURSELF
Open from 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Some are left out after hours in case of emergencies
2201 Elkins Way – Public Works Department
Limit 4 – already filled by gate
5901 Heritage Trail – Corp Yard1st 25 free, additional $.25 each
Limit of 100, DO IT YOURSELF
1455 Gasoline Alley – Corp Yard
Limit 25 free to residents with proof of residency
Call ahead for pickup from 700 am - 500 pm weekdays
If assistance is needed, arrive before 3:30 pm
Richmond – 5555 Giant Hwy – West County
Detention Facility south end, bring shovel Walnut Creek – 700 Hawthorne Dr – Fire Station 4 Antioch – 1201 W 10th St – Contra Costa County Fairgrounds
Byron – 3000 Armstrong Rd – Byron Airport
Bay Point – 3105 Willow Pass Rd at Ambrose Park
Martinez/Waterbird – Public Works
7501 Schmidt Lane – Recycling + Environmental Resource Center
Limit 10 per household – No Charge
Proof of residency is required
DO IT YOURSELF – Must be an El Cerrito resident
111 Civic Dr – City Hall2001 Refugio Valley Road – Community Swim Center (back corner)
Corner of Sycamore/San Pablo Ave
No Limit – No Charge
3001 Camino Diablo – Public Works Dept
Limit 15 – 20 No Charge
DO IT YOURSELF (there may be some filled)
Mt Diablo/Risa Rd across from the Veterans
End of Buckley – Rankin Park525 Henrietta St – City Hall (bags only)
Nancy Boyd Park – Pleasant Hill Rd E and Church St
Top of F St - past Alhambra High School
Ferry/Allen - by the Kiwanis Club
No Limit – No Charge
Fire Station 43 – 20 Via Las Cruces
Fire Station 44 - 295 Orchard Rd.
No Limit – No Charge
St. Joseph’s School 1961 Plum St. (across from PD)
Limit 12 – No Charge
Private Company – Sugar City: 510-724-3412 800 San Pablo AveSells poly bags @ $3.35 filled & $.55 empty
357 E. 12th Street – Corp Yard
Limit 10 - No Charge for Residents
Open until 3:00 pm
City Hall (100 Gregory) parking lot N/E corner of Gregory Lane and Trelany Rd
Hawthorne Dr East of Patterson in P Hill Middle School / dirt lot by Baseball field
Community Center parking lot, 320 Civic Dr. behind the police department
These locations are open 24 hrs and equipped with two shovels
6 13th St – Operations Yard
Fire Station 64 – Bayview/Carlson
West County Detention Facility - 5555 Giant Hwy
Limit of 20 per household or business
Available at Davis Park in the 1600 block of Folsom for residents only
Sand and bags are available at the following stations - (residents must bring their own shovels)The north end of Heather Farm Park on North San Carlos Road
Larkey Park in parking lot at Buena Vista and First Ave
Fire Station 4 - 700 Hawthorne Dr (do it yourself – bring shovel)