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The Contra Costa Regional Fire Communications Center, or CCRFCC, is staffed with a minimum of 6 full-time dispatchers working 24-hour shifts every day of the year. CCRFCC handles over 230,000 telephone calls per year, with approximately 80,000 on 9-1-1. CCRFCC is responsible for call taking and dispatching of 5 fire agencies; Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, Moraga/Orinda Fire District, Rodeo/Hercules Fire District, Crockett-Carquinez Fire Department, and the El Cerrito/Kensington Fire Department.

CCRFCC is a secondary public safety answering point or PSAP. Each 9-1-1 call first goes to local law enforcement, or the highway patrol, before being transferred, requiring fire or medical response. Each 9-1-1 call transmits phone number and phone location information with varying accuracy. It is the responsibility of the 9-1-1 dispatchers to confirm the emergency location for every phone call.

The Contra Costa Regional Fire Communications Center serves as the Operational Area Coordinator for all of Contra Costa County as part of the mutual aid system through the State’s Office of Emergency Services. All incoming and outgoing requests for mutual aid come through CCRFCC. When local staffing allows, qualified dispatch personnel respond to significant incidents throughout the State in various overhead positions in further support of the Mutual Aid system.

CCRFCC dispatchers are certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs). EMDs triage medical emergencies following the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch and Contra Costa County Emergency Medical Services medical protocol. Caller interrogation is vital to patient care to provide life-saving instructions before a paramedic or EMT arrives.