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Firefighter Ukraine Mission

As a war wages approximately 6000 miles away several firefighters are getting ready for a 2-week deployment to Ukraine to assist that country with relief, rescue, and humanitarian needs. This aid mission is a first of its kind and has been put in place, received funding, and governmental go ahead by a group named Firefighters United Task Force Joint Guardian. This group is usually responsible for organizing the assistance to Mexico with US/Mexico Firefighters United. Any call for help firefighters are always there willing to lend a hand.

Two local firefighters from Contra Costa County FPD have answered the call and will be traveling to Ukraine as part of the first group deployed. Both Engineer David Zalutskiy and Firefighter/ Paramedic Yuri Chlek will be leaving April 6th and returning April 20th. Both have family and friends that have been directly effected by the assault on Ukraine. While Yuri was born in the states, David was born in Ukraine and both families migrated to the USA from the small town of Volodymyr Volynsky. Not only are they both well versed in fire/rescue/EMS they both speak Ukrainian which will prove to be invaluable. This selfless act and willingness to assist others in their absolute greatest time of need exemplifies what it means to be a firefighter and specifically a firefighter for the County of Contra Costa.