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**Originally Posted Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Every year we hold the annual Lou Paulson Scholarship Contest. We had nine students who submitted exceptional flyers or essays on this year’s topic:

Please create a one (1) page original flyer or essay that you would pass out to your neighbors to help educate them on disaster preparedness.

“Remember: When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed”- Steven Cyros

Congratulations to this year’s winner, Madeleine May! She is the daughter of Robert May of East Contra Costa Fire Protection District. Madeleine’s flyer will be placed on the Local’s website and sent out to all the stations for everyone to read.

The remaining four scholarships were chosen at random. The winners are: Christopher Toler, Carolyn Batz, Will Batz and Mary Woods. Good luck to all the winners. We wish them the very best as they pursue their educational goals.