LODD: Chula Vista Fire Investigator Samuel Escalante

Chula Vista Firefighters Local 2180 is saddened to announce the line of duty death of Fire Investigator Samuel Escalante. Escalante died from a job-related heart attack at the age of 43. Samuel Escalante began work with the City of Chula Vista Fire Department in February of 2006 as the city's first Fire Prevention Engineer. Prior to joining Chula Vista, he was a Fire Protection Engineer in the Navy. Sam was highly technical and very thorough. Besides being the Fire Department’s “go to” for highl...
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Explanation of Fire Engine Parking on Roadways - In Response to Firefighter Arrest at Vehicle Accident

Standard practice for fire departments while approaching a roadway incident or vehicle accident is to "protect" the scene with the large fire apparatus. This is to ensure the safety of not only the patients in a vehicle, but also the firefighters, police officers, tow truck drivers, and any other agencies that are working at the scene of the incident. Drivers are sometimes distracted by the emergency lights, cellphones, or interest in the accident scene and may accidentally drive into the fire a...
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