Requesting Public Help with Information

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Contra Costa County Fire Protection District is investigating an uptick in fires in and around Antioch over past years. Investigators are requesting public help with information, including surveillance cam footage, regarding fires in the area. Please call the arson tip line at 866-50-ARSON with any information.
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County Arson Tip Line - 1-866-50-ARSON

Arson fire
You can help fight fires! Call the Arson Tip Line at 1-866-50-ARSON to leave a recorded message about fire-related criminal activity, in English or Spanish. You can leave an anonymous tip, but sometimes the Fire Investigator needs to call you back for more information, so we ask for your name and phone number. All investigations are treated confidentially. Community involvement is critical to solving cases of arson. In general, the citizens of Contra Costa County are very helpful in providing au...
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