Rodeo-Hercules Fire District To Close 1 of 2 Fire Stations In January 2012

Beginning in January 2012, Rodeo-Hercules Fire will be temporarily closing 1 of 2 fire stations in their district. Here is the story that is now posted on the Rodeo-Hercules Fire Department website:


The Rodeo Hercules Fire District provides service from two fire stations in the communities of Rodeo and Hercules. In 2010 our members responded to over 2000 incidents, including fires, rescues and cardiac incidents. In addition they assisted in helping our neighbors in Western Contra Costa and Northern and Southern California.

Providing established core service and maintaining the “standard of care” in the communities of Rodeo and Hercules continues to be a challenge. Funding restrictions require strict adherence to statewide initiatives and election laws.

Due to catastrophic financial conditions and a 30% reduction in assessed values in the Hercules Redevelopment Merged Project Area, Fire District revenues have plummeted. In addition, the Fire District loses more than $2 million dollars annually from state and local property tax shifts. As a result of these circumstances we continue to seek long term alternatives and options to stabilize our fiscal situation.

As we all work through these challenges, the Fire District is committed to providing the highest level of service that conditions allow. Unfortunately this means extraordinary measures including relying on automatic and mutual aid, shared service agreements and beginning January 2012 temporary fire station closures to bridge the budget shortfall and reduce our ongoing structural deficit.

As your Fire Chief, I want to assure you that these actions were not taken lightly or without significant changes to staffing, existing practices and the full cooperation and sacrifice of each member of the organization.

We invites you to discuss the current condition of the Fire District, the struggles we face and the efforts we have made to continue our long standing commitment to the community.

Rodeo-Hercules Fire District Website

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